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Aloha, Laycie Love here! Cultivating authentic relationships is an important key to success. Our team believes that it is essential to truly listen and connect to clients, guests and colleagues, in order to understand expectations and produce the best, most effective tool(s) for everyone’s needs. Sharing time and personal stories has always been a way to bridge people. With unity, we can begin to collaborate on the ways life and business can be more efficiently executed. Let's work together on providing a better and more sustainable tomorrow! Please allow me to share my personal story here on this page for you, so that you can get to know me and we can begin our journey together… 

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Enjoy the LOVE! Founder, Laycie Love

Aloha: Laycie here! My life goal is to spread Aloha & love to the world... I enjoy sharing the beauty the world has to offer. If I can make one person smile, laugh, love, learn or grow every day; I feel fulfilled. 
My professional roles include creative strategy manager & director of development, community outreach & event coordinator, property & pet caretaker, marketing / management consultant & networking partner. "Home" is here on the lovely Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i, however I've traveled to most of the main Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Italy... I've also hosted or worked with over 50,000 guests from all corners of the globe. In my free time I enjoy sailing, learning, hiking with friends & my dog, volunteering, cooking & going on adventures. I LOVE anything that has to with nature, botany, sustainability, economic development, culture & community, food & our planet! 
I'm a self-considered “Student of Life” with an infinite curiosity for knowledge & an insatiable appetite for connecting with all people, animals & the "aina" (the Hawaiian word for "earth" or "sacred land"). I study personal development, culture, sociology, health & well-being, anything nature / adventure related, travel, marketing, how things work, how to improve existing systems, metaphysics, herbal medicine, ancient & native peoples... Knowledge is so fun!
My life sometimes seems like one big adventure with all the fun activities caught on camera; however, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes less glamorous work that I dedicate myself to, like vetting out your perfect event or planning the next community outreach curriculum!
While it's important to provide entertainment to audiences, I believe in sweat equity, good old fashioned hard work & preserving the local environment & cultures. Conscious capitalism is my lifestyle & can be both fun & challenging at the same time! 
Sharing stories of personal experiences & volunteering are also fantastic way to spread the love! Many of my stories have yet to be written on paper, yet they are still very much alive & growing with what friends affectionately call, "Real talk radio with Laycie Love.” Ha! My expertise is my passion & I'm grateful to be able to share my experience & skills (as well as my team & associates!!) with others. You can check out the archives of "how I came to be" at: www.KnowKrumbs.com ... I sure miss making those pies & sharing nutritional insights, but I am so grateful to be where I am now! To learn more about my resume & services, check out: Services – Laycie Love
I hope you'll join me & all of the awesome people here in Hawai'i dedicated to providing a successful, full-filling & fun experience for all of us. If we connect & build, I believe we will be amazed at how we can create the change that we all want to see.​ Let's prove that Love truly conquers all! 
Kulia i ka nu'u,
Laycie Love

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